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The GemFind Network has created the GemFind                                 (GF Watch Customizer),a flexible, brandable tool that allows your users to re-design their existing  Pre-Owned Rolex Timepiece online or one you'd like to purchase and then customize it virtually by choosing from Time Delay’s vast inventory of custom diamond bezels and custom enhanced dials.  This allows your client's to virtually see their existing Pre-Owned Rolex watch and determine the custom bezel and custom enhanced dial that best complete the desired look they want. You can embed the                              directly and seamlessly into your website or you can pop it up in a window. The                                 can be branded with your name and title, can be sized to fit your website layout, and can be colored to match your website.

Watch Images shown throughout are computer-generated examples of our custom accessories virtually installed on the client's Rolex Timepiece
 and are not for sale as completed watches.

Please note that the image above is a sample photo only. This image is representational of the watch you will receive if you decide to make 
a purchase but is not an actual photo of the customized watch.

  TIME DELAY does not sell pre-accessorized watches of any brand. Our business, as it has been for 35 years, is to customize your
 client's' watches to their specifications.  

Custom Bezels and Custom Applications to Dials that appear in the are supplied by Time Delay Corporation.

All Custom Accessories are proudly stamped with our TDC   Trademark. 

  TIME DELAY CORPORATION is an independent company and is not affiliated with any watch manufacturer or distributor. Application of
 custom accessories will void the watch manufacturer's original warranty and will preclude factory service. 

TIME DELAY is not an authorized Rolex dealer nor is it affiliated with the Rolex Corporation or any of its subsidiaries.

 Rolex is a registered trademark of Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc.

ROLEX, DATEJUST, DAY-DATE, JUBILEE, OYSTER and PRESIDENT are all registered or common law trademarks
 of  Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc.

This site, including its owners, operators, and developers, are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Rolex SA, Rolex Watch U.S.A., Inc., 
or any of its subsidiaries, in any way.

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      GemFind's Watch Customizer walks you through the virtual customization process by first re-designing your existing Pre-Owned Rolex Timepiece or one you have purchased by determining the     Case Size, Bracelet Type and Bezel Type.                                                                                                                All Custom Accessories are stamped with our TDC Trademark.